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In 1965 members of Pennfields Townswomen's Guild formed a small choral group and it was from this that the Wulfruna Ladies Choir originated. By 1984, when many of the singers were not members of the Guild, it became necessary to become an independent group and the choir was renamed after Lady Wulfrun; an important figure in the historical development of Wolverhampton and a statue of whom stands outside St. Peter's church in the city.


Over the following fifty plus years the choir has successfully participated in many different sorts of concerts and  music festivals and has provided entertainment in halls, churches, historical properties, residential homes, clubs and even shopping centres!  Events are held frequently in aid of charitable causes for which many thousands of pounds have been raised.  A group of the choir have taken part in Royal Albert Hall Festival of Brass and Voices in 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015 and plan to do so again in 2018; the last time that this particular festival will be held.


The choir meet at Bradmore Community Centre, Birches Barn Road, Pennfields WV37BN on Tuesday evenings and have done so for many years.  Wulfruna Ladies Choir currently have more than 30 members of all ages.


The songs performed are a lively mixture of old and new music with  2, 3 and sometimes 4 part singing.  The current repertoire includes songs from films and shows, folk songs, gospel style songs and some older favourite choral songs.  Included in concert programmes are opportunities for audiences to join in by participating in community songs and singalong medleys.  The choir is always available to hold a concert for fund-raising purposes or simply to provide group entertainment and can also provide suitable music for functions such as weddings.


The aims of the choir are to provide entertainment for others and to raise funds for charitable causes in the local area; thousands of pounds have been donated particularly in the last few years.

Choir members also find that they enjoy themselves at choir:


The choir ladies have made me very welcome and I have made some new friends.  The singing has improved my breathing problems and I love Tuesdays.  Anna - member since June 2013


I enjoy doing the concerts and am happy that everyone has been so welcoming since my joining in July 2013.  I always look forward to Tuesday evenings for choir practice!  Holly - member since July 2013


I feel very lucky to be a member of the choir; everyone is very friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed and "joyful". It is a really a privilege to be with the choir.  Maggie - member for 2 years.


I enjoy choral singing and feel that my singing voice has become much stronger as a result!  I also enjoy our concerts and the good feed back that we receive.  Veronica - member for 10 years.




The friendship that has always existed within the choir.  Val - member for 16 years.


The camaraderie of like minded people.

The challenge of learning new songs - keeps the mind alert! 

Pauline - member for 20 years.






I enjoy the concerts, the variety of music and currently having a youger group of people in the choir. 

Hillary - member for 7 years.


Just love singing!  Especially with mum and nan (when they were also choir members - see photo below).  

Clare - member for 28+ years


I enjoy singing the lively songs.  My favourites are 'Refuge', 'Happy', 'The Call', and 'I Could Have Danced All Night'.

Sarah - member for 3 months

Over the years, there has been a number of different musical directors:  Ernest Dain, Don Timmins, Keith Lloyd, Chris Passey and, the present conductor/accompanist Karen Moore.  Many, many choir members have come and gone but their contributions have always been valued and memories of them remain with us.  Here are some memorable moments from choir members:

  • Black Country Museum Concerts with Keith (Lloyd) but not necessarily the most comfortable of occasions!

  • Royal Albert Hall concerts with other choirs - wonderful experience. 

Pauline - member for 20+ years.


I love singing at 'Neville House'; everyone there is really great and nice to chat with.  Also 'Sunrise' (Tettenhall) is very relaxed and rewarding.  We had a wonderful evening at Coventry (with CCMVC) and Coseley church (St Chad's) also - in fact everywhere I have been with the choir, the reception from the audience has been wonderful.

Maggie - member for 2 years.


  • We raised £1000 for Rollercoasters (for disabled children) in 2000 - a charity I was very close to.

  • I remember one of the choir member's skirt falling down during a concert many years ago  - that brought a few laughs.

  • I loved listening to Ketih's stories, even if they did sometimes go on a bit!

Clare - member for 30+ years.


Singing at the Albert Hall (2009 and 2012)

Val and Sylvia


Singing for Remembrance Sunday in the Civic Hall, Wolverhampton.

Sylvia - member for 20+ years.


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